Kitchen Remodeling

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The Key is to Plan for the Way in Which You Will Use Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task. Renovation 180 works closely with experienced design professionals to create a new, comfortable, and functional kitchen space for you and your family. We can turn your kitchen into an elegant and functional space. With so many combinations of styles and finishes to choose from, we can assist you in finding a design that fits your taste and your budget. Many times we help by narrowing down the overwhelming options into a manageable list of choices that best suites your lifestyle. We can also guide you to our network of professionals and suppliers that offer a variety of materials and expertise. We also encourage you to shop around and present us with preselected materials and move forward utilizing your selections.

Kitchen remodeling can be basic or complex, and price ranges are across the board. Simple updates include fixture upgrades (sinks and faucets), new countertops or new appliances. Starting with a clean slate, more complex projects will include full demolition and reconfiguration of your existing space.

Renovation 180 starts the process by helping you to identify exactly what your goals are and what the best solutions will be for your home and style of living. Next, we need to nail down the features, finishes, and accessories that will complete your update within your budget. Then we order materials and supplies and secure dates on our construction schedule for your project. We are always here to communicate along the way.

Whether you’re looking to a full blown kitchen remodeling project, replace your cabinets, maximize your storage space, or simply update colors and materials; we work together to find what best suits your needs. Start planning for kitchen remodeling project today! Call our office to discuss your ideas or to schedule an on-site estimate.